Ryan McKenzie

About Me

Picture of me

I'm an enthusiastic web developer who loves creating stunning, user-centric websites with meticulous attention to detail. I'm excited by change and progress, constantly seeking out innovative technologies to elevate my work. Currently, I'm very excited about Next.js, which was used to build this website, for its ability to create all-encompassing full-stack digital experiences, breaking down traditional boundaries between front and back end as we know them.

Beyond Coding

Beyond my passion for coding, I love art and music. I'm an avid enthusiast of modern art, what makes me love an artist is a unique original style, for this reason I'm particularly drawn to the works of artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Mark Rothko. When it comes to music, I look for the same authenticity and originality that draws me to artists, which is why I love Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Miles Davis. Click here for playlist.